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Friday, April 06, 2007

Holy Public Education

I wrote this a few years ago, but thought it may have some relevance now. I've been hearing & reading alot about the possible inclusion of world religions as curriculum for public schools. I'm rather divided on this one. Some of the arguments are convincing...others are questionable. I'm anxious to hear your points of view. So anyway...I thought I'd throw my hat into the arena, if not just for S&G.

There's alot of controversy about the role of prayer to God, in the Christian acceptation, in governmentally or publically established areas of society. Namely, the phrase from the American Pledge of Allegiance, stating, " nation under God"; as well as the opening devotional prayer before meetings of governmental depts and benedictions in public shool or college/university events.

Christians say that our nation was founded on an absolute belief in God and removing these religious ceremonies from the public will ultimately result in the removal of God from our nation.

My opinion, here, is that we need to foster and encourage our loved ones to more adamantly follow their own path to God. Why do we need government or public authority to remind us that we all come from something greater and that reverence for a Higher Power is necessary for our own spiritual well-being. No! I believe this controversy will bring others to an understanding of their own personal spirtuality.

You can ask 10 hardcore, fundamentalist, bible-toting Baptists how they worship God, and even though they have all been taught the same strict beliefs, they will still each give a different answer. Spirtuality is subjective. The path to God is a lonely one, for it must be tread alone.