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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

The Best Halloween Costume, EVER!!!

It was Halloween at Pegasus Nightclub in, I believe, 1994. Everyone was dressed up...mostly in Drag, of course.
There were the few crazily overdone costumes of the Art Institute students, who obviously had resources at their disposal that no one else had.

I remember one such student had a great Pinhead from Hellraiser costume on. He was one of the Movie Magic/Makeup students.

Cher was there & Madonna, & one of the funniest was a African American Drag Queen dressed as the "Clinique Counter Bitch." At least, that's what she said her official name was. walks a couple in military garb. If you all remember the mid-90's, the "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" policy was on everyone's lips at that point.

They had purchased Army & Air Force uniforms at a surplus store, taken them home, bleached them of all their color & redyed them Baby Blue & Pepto Bismol Pink, respectively. To accessorize such a lovely palette, they had donned huge, ornate know, like the kind your grandma used to wear to church. The hats were lavishly decorated with dozens of flowers & ribbons. They both looked Fabulous!

Well...are you all ready for the punchline? They were:


What a wonderfully creative little subculture, we are!


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