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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Karma, Shmarma...

I was reading a blog today that introduced this open thread: Do you get what you give? Does it all come back? Do you believe in karma?
It's still very difficult for me to accept how people scoff at Metaphysics. The TV you watched "Project Runway" on last nite, the watch on your wrist & the laptop your blogging with are all run by the marvelous technology of Quartz crystals. Why then, is it so hard to believe that crystals & semi-precious gems have energy that you can use to make your life better.
And, as for the Karmic open thread...Physics teaches us the Universal Law of Cause & Effect. What goes up, must come down. What goes out, must return. If all of Life is made up of various forms of energy, why then wouldn't thoughts, emotions, etc. all go forth & return as well.
Any thoughts?

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