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Thursday, September 21, 2006

Witchly Musings...

There used to be a shop in the Southside of Pittsburgh called Into the Mystic. I managed the shop for 3 years. It was a metaphysical store filled with all kinds of fun stuff: crystals, books, candles, herbs, et al.

While I was there, I started teaching a Wicca 101 class, as well as workshops on Goddess energy, Dragon Magick, Herb Magick, Reiki, Candle Magick & lots of other subjects. I'd like to get back into it was so rewarding.

I had a student that had her 2 front teeth missing. Let me tell ya, it was very distracting during classes & ritual. After she graduated from the class, she took a trip to Atlantic City as a gift to herself. While she was there, she sat on the beach 1 night under the full moon & talked with the Goddess about how she was feeling. She told Her that she felt very confident about herself in general, but now she wished to be as beautiful on the outside as she felt on the inside. You can probably already tell where this story is going?

That same night, she won a substantial amount of money. And upon her return to Pittsburgh, promptly scheduled a Dentist appointment. She is now as beautiful on the outside as well as inside & an accomplished Witch. Those are the stories I miss hearing.

If any of you out there are aware of a need for a Metaphysical Teacher in the Burgh, please let me know. I will be extremely this life & the next

Blessed Be

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HRZ said...

I heard about Wicca while I was living in the U.S.
I don't consider myself as Wiccan yet because I think there's more I need to learn.
And yes, that's a wonderful story :)